The Aerobic Solution [Member Content]

Aerobic Training for Rugby

The three biggest issue facing rugby coach and players in their physical preparation are: Limited practice time Finding effective and relevant protocols Individualising the training across a broad range of athletes. The Aerobic Solution solves these very problems by presenting training solutions as used by professional teams and adaptable to any rugby player or club. […]

August Research Review [Member Content]

Each month we review a piece of research that is applicable to rugby. Either by using rugby players as subjects, or other athletes but the outcomes are directly applicable to rugby players. The goal of these reviews is to take a piece of research and provide a practical, actionable outcome for all rugby players and […]

Lineout Webinar Re-released

We have had a few people who contact us after reading the last Lineout blogpost about the possibility of releasing the webinar that the content came from.

Although we had no plans to do so, we thought we’d give the people what they want.  You can pick it up here for $9.95.

There won’t be a big sales page or anything. It’s a 38 minute webinar covering a lineout playbook including reactive and no-call lineouts.  Click here to buy.

Rugby Fitness Coach Certification July Enrolment Open


The Rugby Fitness Coach (RFC) Certification is the foundation course in our Physical Preparation Certification Structure.  It is aimed at rugby coaches, players, strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers who are involved in coaching the physical preparation of rugby players. In July we will be presenting this certification in a completely new manner, which you […]

“Three Common Skill Errors of Goal Kicker”
by Stuart Lierich

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KickBuilder Podcast
30 May, 2014

Our good friend Stuart Lierich has released another episode in his “KickBuilder Podcast”. Well worth a look.